We all have the right to sexuality without violence.

Words To The Beat - by Arithmetic

words to the beat by arithmetic (aka Brandon, age 17)

time to rip it can’t get timed respect crew pushes it to the limit.

why do we say this is gay? why do we say this guy’s a fag? labels that
could scar someone for life and rip them out of the light. I’m as strata
as they come but why do I need aggression over someone else’s sexual preference?
and why are we stuck calling susy girl a slut? homeboy probably slept with more
people than she did. and we give him props as hot as acid.

realize that we’re all people now one is any less or a sequel where all
equal. it’s a steal of a deal that thru us these wounds may some day heal
and that’s exactly how I feel. watch arithmetic move in for the kill.

when I was a kid I listened a lot of hiphop like slick rick the ruler. skipped
a lot of school like ferris buller. smoked a lot of dope – I liked to just
sit back and chillaxe. I didn’t know the true meaning of life. until I
hooked up with respect and took it to a brand new height. picked up my mic planned
some shows and started to resight.

when it comes to the respect crew hit me the spotlight. it’s time to rock
what I got that keeps the mic hot. up rocks hip-hop and b walks. I want to spread
a message without a stutter. rock out and slide like butter. to you guys check
this refrains of reflection and speak peace over aggression. hahaha free style