You have the power to make change.

Lost - by Ling

by Ling, age 17

Who is the girl crying in the rain?

Why is she crying?

Why is there confusion in her eyes?

Oh…I know who she is.

She is another me,

The fragile, insecure me-a follower

I’m shivering in the cruel reality

Alien voices penetrating like needles

Telling me what to do


As long as I stay in the crowd, follow others

Everything will be fine


I convince myself

Accept their “suggestion“

Dress the way they want to see, say the things they like to hear,

I believe that by doing so,

My mind won’t be cloudy,

Sunshine will come

But somehow, the smile of the sun hides the mockery,

As if laughing at me, my foolishness,

For I choose to get away all the sorrow,

And give up my true self

Then, the wind brings the message from the sun,

“The answer is around”

But I didn’t notice,

The winds says as long as I turn around

The answer is right there.

PS. YOUR power is greater than what you think, but only YOU can decide how far
you can go and where you stop.